Present time :)
 No babies were harmed in the lighting of this... oh, you know the joke!
        What do you do with this thing?!?!?
                 Get that cupcake in my mouth!
        Little baby gnome beard
         This thing deserves a round of applause!
        Happy mommy, happy minnie
        Uh-oh Perri May!  Silly baby :) I think I'll let you sit there for a few more seconds, so I can snap a photo.
               Nerf Gun War!
        Clearly, they had a blast.  It is evident in their loving, yet exhausted demeanors.
#Sweet P.


                        I'm finding these little Nerf bullets everywhere!
               Thanks for the Dino Puzzle Mimi!
              Love these matching littles!!!                  To really concentrate, you HAVE to stick out your tongue.
             We basically had to talk Camp into opening presents.  When we woke him up he didn't want to open presents or have Christmas at all.  He started his Christmas morning in timeout for refusing to obey... once he got started, he wanted to open everyone's present!  Bless his little heart.
            She's the eatingist baby I ever did see!
   Impromptu family photo with both kids smiling.  Winning!
  Starting her lessons early :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


God has given a Son to Us. Isaiah 9:6a (NCV)
...His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace.


Veterans Day Parade

 I became a U.S. citizen when I was in high school.  I took a verbal and written test and got sworn in.  I am naturalized.  In the verbal test they ask you to spell a word.  I got the word coffee.  I had never had it, and after I did said...was that right with 2 es?  I obviously made it in.  I can't imagine life anywhere else, and am grateful to all that do and have sacrificed in service and with their lives.
Canadian traits that my husband makes fun of:
I used the word spelt not knowing it was European.
I called the garbage disposal the garburator.
I grew up eating porridge, butter tarts, chocolate bars not candy bars, and listened to a lot of Brian Adams.
In Contrast...
I moved to the south too young to call soda, pop.  Its soda people.
I dont know anything abooot hockey, and I say y'all.
 The parade was wonderful.  Camp love the tanks, jeeps, fire trucks and especially the candy!  The fresh air was so nice.  We have been inside a lot because Camp has had every sickness known to mankind.
(No, they are not in jail.)  These barricades are protecting the jeep and tank drivers from a very feisty 2.5 year old.
"Hi Everyone at the parade!  Hi Jeep!  Hi Tank!  Hi...unless of coarse my mommy actually wants me to say hi to you...and then I will pretend that I am shy out of stubbornness that has been passed down through many generations of my family."

God Bless!



This is what I shared tonight at a Woman's event at our church.  I know for a fact that I missed one of my own bullet points.  I can hardly remember what comes out of my mouth after sharing and often bunny trail while talking, but I hope you can take a little bit away from this devotion.

I’ve recently been studying woman found throughout the bible.  There are a ton of female leaders in the scriptures that make brave choices, servants and wives that live out of love, and there is the proverbs 31 woman.  And if she was here with us today, I would tell her to her face that I don’t like her!…I don't like her at all...her with all her wakin’ up early, her servants, her children that wake up and all her blessed…ain't no baby of mine ever sayin' that! No she is just a little too perfect for this mama!  So today we are going to talk about a woman that I can relate to more—the woman at the well or the Samaritan woman.  She has had 5 husbands, and that is not exactly why I can relate to her, I only have one husband to deal with, but you will see why I find these verses so poignant.

John Chapter 4 verse 3- verse 30 From the Message Bible. {CLICK TO READ}  If you are going to read this devotional, I really encourage you to read the scriptures.  It won't take long.  I gave some commentary as I read it, and I just LOVE the Message version of this story.  And read verse 42 as well because it tells you the beautiful ripple effect that was caused at the well.

1         1.             Let’s take a look at what the disciples were doing here in these passages:
·      Last week someone else who works here at the church asked me what God sightings I had, had recently.  And that question got me thinking am I looking?  Or am I so caught up in everyday life, Monday morning kind of life.  Its taking the kids to school, running errands, cleaning, cooking… everyday life that takes me to a place where I am active but not aware; I’m living but not looking.  I'm there far too often.
·      And as it turns out in this situation, I am not much different from the disciples.  The disciples were on a lunch run--picking up a pita for their master, and on their way into town scholars would say they pass by a woman with a water pot, a Samaritan woman, and as was custom she steps off the path and lets the Jewish men walk by.  These twelve disciples were so focused on food, so busy, that they missed someone who was ready to hear the good news.  What am I missing in my life because I'm too busy?

2.            Let’s now take a look at what happened with the Samaritan Woman at the well:
·      God had to do a work IN her in order to do a work THROUGH her.  And God has to work in US to do a work through US.  The Samaritan woman had to filled with truth in order to change those around her for eternity. 
·      The Samaritan woman went to the well in the heat of the day all alone because she wanted to avoid seeing others, but afterwards she went back to the very people she had been avoiding, and told them her story.  She exposed good and bad parts of herself and in later verses it goes on to say that there is revival in her town because of this.  God has entrusted the people in your life to you, so you need to share truth, share your story, and be intentional.

3.             Lets take a look at what Jesus did in these verses:
·      Jesus had a brief encounter with this woman, but He left a big change in her life.  Small   moments with Jesus can produce a large change in us—but we have to show up.
·      This story is a perfect example of the great commission.  I want to note that it is not the Great suggestion, it is the Great Commission.  One person tells another person the truth, and that person proclaims truth and others are changed.  We can change lives too.
·      Jesus sat down with the Samaritan woman, he listened, and he gave her truth.  Jesus did not bring up her past to shame her, He brought it up to say: I know who you are, I know where you’ve been, and I still want a relationship with you.
·      Jesus was intentional: He was soul conscious and shows us the perfect lens that we should be seeing others in our lives through.

         Thank you God,  that your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.



               Camp's first Trick or Treating door, EVER!
                           He's in bliss!
Off and runnin' now that he knows whats coming!
 Perri May's first Halloween.
Following in her brother's footsteps as a pumpkin.
         Will clap for candy!
Trying to enjoy the goodies...
ENJOYING the goodies!
Kitty Andrews. Punkie Andrews. Scarey Andrews. and Mr. Clean Andrews.  Good news folks: Turns out the scarecrow does have a brain after all.  Sometimes we just have to remind him to use it.
 {Cute little punkin'}